“When you’re at the end of your rope, tie a knot and hold on”

March 5, 2014

When I first found out about cancer and had the idea to start this website I never expected the amount of support I would receive.  It has been amazing and overwhelming in a good way!  Thousands of people have reached out to me through social media, mailing me cards, support packages, emails, messages and calls.  It truly has been amazing!  

Photo Feb 11, 9 09 24 AM

The following are some of the images of the items people have given me during chemo. I have received hats, jerseys from teammates, coconuts from friends’ vacations, food, letters from a friend’s students, videos from another friend’s students, rocks from New Zealand and more!  I want to say one big THANK YOU to everyone that reached out in any form or fashion and that I truly appreciate you. I could not have made it through this far without you all 😀

Tuesday, February 11, 2014 was significant in my treatment because it was my last day of chemotherapy! Woot Woot! Nine weeks of hell has come to an end.  Now, the waiting game begins. I have 4-6 weeks to get retested.


The next step is for me to get blood work drawn and go over the results with my doctor. The lab work will determine what test I have to get. I will either have to get just a CT scan or I will have to get that plus a brain and another ultrasound on my balls (I will still say balls regardless of having 1 fake and 1 real one). Waiting to get tested and for the results feels like the beginning of December. I know what is on my Christmas list, but I have to wait to see if I have been a good kid. I am very happy that chemo is over but it is still one big mind game with having to wait.

The 4-6 week period will soon come to an end. So far, I have received my blood work results on February 27, 2014. The results still showed a chance that I will need to get the other test besides my CT scan because my AFP (Alpha-fetoprotein) levels are slightly higher than normal. Basically, a normal level of AFP is less than 5 ng/ml and my levels are currently at 10 ng/ml but have been going up and down during chemo (which is normal). I should not have anything to worry about as long as my levels continue to decrease. If my AFP level goes above 25 ng/ml then that means there is cancer somewhere else. That’s the reason why I would need a brain scan plus an ultrasound on top of the CT scan if my levels continue to increase.

Photo Feb 09, 6 12 37 PM

This week on March 5, 2014 I will get a CT scan and then the following day March 6, 2014 I will receive the results. The results will hopefully announce remission so I can avoid further testing on my brain and balls. I am looking forward to getting my results so I had my doctor move up the test by a week so I can find out if I am clear or not before my birthday on March 9th.  We will see! Once again, I appreciate you all more than you know!